Theranos Adventurer's Guild

When the Dead Go Missing
Introductions with the City Guard

You walk past the noticeboard everyday, eagerly awaiting a notice for assistance, however it seems that you are still unknown throughout the majority of town. You wait for your first action as a guild. And after not too long you get one.

One day a letter is pinned onto the board. You read it and it says “I will meet you here at midnight on the 27th of April.” It isn’t even signed. So you decide to wait there as a group for the man or woman who wrote this message.

At midnight, a man in a dark cloak arrives at your HQ, drops a bag of gold coins on the table, and begins to tell you the story.


It has only been a few days since you set up the Guild base in Theranos. Before then you were just casually being adventurous, but now you have all agreed to set up a full-time guild who accepts gold and other items of value in exchange for any job that would be easier with a sword/bow/staff in hand. Everything ranging from killing the giant rats in someone’s basement to slaughtering a dragon for its loot.

You await eagerly for a note to show up on the noticeboard you have set up for people wishing to contact you, as well as a details for those wishing to contact you about private matters.

You currently run the Theranos Adventurer’s Guild from a small, apartment in the North District of Theranos. For the moment this is where the majority of you sleep and live as you are all required to pay your share of the rent.


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