Theranos is the origin city for the Theranos Adventurer’s Guild. It was here that TAG was created by a group of unlikely friends and here that most of the Guild’s contracts were both started and based.

Geography and Population

Theranos is situated on the South-East coast of the continent of Arxinus. It is a fairly average city with many different races and groups of people mixing in the business of everyday life. It is home to a few thousand people all of differing areas of life. The city itself is built on top of a hill near the ocean.
The city is split into 3 districts, North, South and West, each being managed by a different lord. While the lords have the power to do much in their own district, there are 3 people who play a pivotal role in the political environment in the city. These are the Chief Marshal who is in charge of ensuring active guard forces in each of the districts as well as managing an army/militia should trouble arise, the Treasurer who is in charge of dividing up the city’s taxes in an efficient way, and the Count who is the royal who owns the city and is responsible for its interaction with other cities as well as being a public representation of the city’s forward movement.

The current Chief Marshal is Sven Tiridsen, an aging human.
The current Treasurer is Aeofel, an unexcited elf.
The current Count is Count Elbor Parans


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